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  • Photo of Sharon Scott
  • About Sharon About Sharon

    Favorite Chamber Event
    The Annual Meeting is my favorite because it symbolizes a celebration of all of the work during a year. Our board members rock the Program of Work!

    Favorite Chamber Program
    Leadership NRV because I continue to learn EVERY month and EVERY year. I meet great leaders who make a difference.

    Why I love this job
    I meet the coolest people who are doing great things for our residents and our community. (shhh, I would do this job even if they didn’t pay me).  

    Favorite Community Event
    I love Steppin’ Out. It is fun to see ALL of your friends and neighbors in a four-block area on the hottest days of summer before the VT students return.

    Why I love our community
    I have seen many incredible sights in my travels, and yet MY COMMUNITY offers THE best sunrises and sunsets. I love the options we have here, in twenty minutes I can be at a lovely B&B in the middle of a winery in 9 minutes I can be in the middle of campus surrounded by thousands of students and professors. I can have dinner and seated at the next table is the University President or the Chief of Police. I can see plays where two-year-olds are the performers, or I can see Itzhak Perlman. We have it ALL.

    Something that would surprise people about me
    hahaha, other than whom I am married to? That sometimes surprises people. I think some people would be surprised to learn that I skydived, rode dirtbikes, camped and enjoyed fishing.

    I love wine; everything about wine from the varietal to the type of soil it is grown. I love the color, taste, and smell. I love gardening; there is something about digging in the dirt that I enjoy and seeing the fruits of my labor through vegetables and flowers.

  • Photo of Grace Mortesen-Korth
  • About Grace About Grace

    What’s your favorite Chamber program or event
    I love our Bocce Ball Tournament. It supports the Chamber Foundation’s education initiatives and is a fun day!

    What do you love about the job
    I didn’t grow up here, so this job has allowed me to wholeheartedly join a great community.

    Favorite community event
    Christiansburg’s Food  Truck Rodeo, so many great options for delicious food!

    Why I love the community
    I love the people, everyone is friendly and welcoming!

    Something that would surprise you about me
    I used to be a figure skater.

    I love to read and to bake.

    Where do you go for the most scenic views
    Pandapas Pond is beautiful in any season, but especially in the fall.

  • Photo of Josie Corrado
  • About Josie About Josie

    What’s your favorite Chamber program or event
    My favorite Chamber program is the Annual Meeting! It was the first big program I worked on so it holds a special place in my heart because of that but I also love seeing the community come together and celebrate all of the amazing accomplishments of our members!

    Why do you love the job
    I love this job because of all of the amazing people I get to interact with, especially our team!

    Favorite community event
    My favorite community event is Fork and Cork! It is such a fun day of tasting local wines, eating good food, and hanging out with friends!

    Why I love the community
    Hands down the PEOPLE! Plus the views are pretty incredible too!

    Something that would surprise you about me
    I grew up both speaking English and using American Sign Language.

    Adventuring I love going new places and experiencing new things whether that is finding new trails, driving to find a new place, or through the pages of a book I love getting outside of my normal routine.

    Where do you go for the most scenic views
    McAfees Knob and Bald Knob! I love being up in the Mountains, especially at sunrise and sunset.

  • Photo of Jenna Phillips
  • About Jenna About Jenna

    What is your Favorite Chamber program or event?
    I love our Golf Tournament. It is awesome to see our members make great business connections through a game they enjoy!

    What do you love about the job?
    I love making a positive difference in the community and getting to know our members. I grew up in this area and am very passionate about seeing it flourish.

    Favorite Community Event
    The Pumpkin Festival at Sinkland Farms. They have so many fun activities and the Kettle Corn is amazing!

    Why I love the community
    The people in this community are outstanding. I love how family oriented the community is and that people genuinely care about each other.

    Something that would surprise you about me
    I hated dolls as a child and would instantly start crying if someone told me they were going to buy me one as a gift.   

    Riding Horses, working out, hiking, kayaking, honestly anything outdoors.

    Where do you go for the most scenic views?
    The New River Junction in Blacksburg. It is so relaxing to rent a tube for the day, grill out, and enjoy the scenery.

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