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Eggs & Issues

The New River Valley community is in for a treat with "Eggs & Issues," a breakfast meeting series brought to you by the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. Designed to stir up meaningful conversations and insights, this series is a fantastic opportunity for local business professionals and community members to come together, network, and discuss topics of community relevance.

Eggs & Issues is a setting for business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and anyone interested in the pulse of the community. As you enjoyl breakfast, you'll be engaged with presentations by expert speakers who will shed light on various community and business-related topics. These could range from local economic development to community projects, and even include broader subjects like marketing and finance.

The interactive format of Eggs & Issues allows attendees not only to absorb valuable information but also to participate in discussions, pose questions to the speakers, and share their own perspectives. It's a chance to engage with the issues that matter most to our community while connecting with fellow professionals and community leaders.

Some of our past topics have been passenger rail, local economic development, and housing. So, set your alarms early and join us for a morning filled with insightful talks, great food, and the opportunity to be part of shaping our community's future.

2024 Topics:

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