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    Direct Primary Care of Blacksburg

    We offer an innovative model of healthcare that allows a direct relationship between the patient and physician without involvement of third parties including insurance, drug or hospital corporations.

    It's called "direct primary care."

    For less than the price of your phone bill ($75/mo) you can have unlimited access to your physician (!) as well as significant savings across the healthcare spectrum (labs, meds, X-rays, etc). By cutting out third parties that profit (greatly) from your medical needs we can offer increased quality, dramatically increased access and lower costs.

    Direct primary care is a healthcare model that allows us to actually put the patient first. That means treating patients when they need treatment, not rushing patients through appointments, and being there for patients regardless of the time of day. This is not just an advertising point; my payment structure, availability and schedule uniquely facilitate this type of care. The doctor-patient relationship is just as the name suggests – direct. I don’t accept insurance, instead I've chosen to work directly for you, the patient.



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