• Cyber Security - Free Network Assessments

  • Offer Valid: 03/01/2021 - 12/31/2021
    Cyber Security - Free Network Assessments
    You may not be thinking about all of the cyber security attacks out there, and your probably thinking my company will not be susceptible to a threat. The average number of cyber attacks in the US have increased over 50% then in 2019. Are you wanting to know what your business needs are? Do you want to make sure your office is HIPAA compliant? Do you just want to figure out how old your hardware is and if it is still functioning? Responsive Technology Partners is certified and we are offering FREE network assessments and recommendations lists to our South West and Central Virginia community. Give me a call at 540.206.4100 or email me at amber.durham@responsivetechnologypartners.com   

    This Local Special is promoted by Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.

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