• 2019 Technology Company of the Year Award

  • Thank you for nominating an outstanding business for a Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Business award. The Chamber acknowledges the existence of the regional technology council and its annual recognition of technology company achievements throughout the Roanoke Valley and New River Valley; however, the Chamber believes it is appropriate to recognize technology businesses in Montgomery County for their achievements. Chamber awards to a technology company signify the impact of the technology company on the county's business community by recognizing leadership in product innovation, job growth, civic engagement, or inspirational technological advancement.

    These awards will be presented at the Chamber Annual Meeting on December 5, 2019.

    Please note, an awards committee member may contact you for more details on your nominee.
    - Ideally the nominee must have achieved at least one of the following in the past 18 months:
    -Developed a dynamic and innovative technology;
    -Received a technology related patent that is implemented in Montgomery County;
    -Launched a new innovative product in Montgomery County;
    -Increased revenue, created jobs, or received outside investment funding;
    -Initiated operations in Montgomery County in an impactful manner; or
    -Delivered inspirational technological leadership.

    Nominations to date:

    Previous winners (ineligible for 3 years):
    2018 - InMotion US LLC
    2017 - Pervida
    2016 - Follow My Vote

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