• 2019 Distinguished Non-Profit Leader of the Year Award

  • Thank you for nominating an outstanding non-profit for a Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce recognition. These awards will be presented at the Chamber Annual Meeting on December 5, 2019.

    Please note, an awards committee member may contact you for more details on your nominee.

    Help us recognize our local businesses leaders. Please include as much of the following information on your nomination as you can.

    Please submit your nomination for the Distinguished Non-Profit Leader of the Year Award based upon the following:
    - Nominee has demonstrated excellence in their profession.
    - Nominee has ideally been an active Chamber member for 3 years.
    - Nominee has often gone the extra mile to get involved in programs and activities that benefit our local community.
    - Nominee displays leadership, initiative, creativity and dedication within their field.
    - The nominee inspires others to get involved or make a difference in the lives of others.

    Nominations to date:

    MCCC Previous Winners (ineligible for 3 years)
    2018 - Michael Mabry, DO, Hope to Walk
    2017 - Michelle Brauns, Community Health of the NRV

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